Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Party Cookies

Both of my kids wanted cookies for their Valentines this year. It was a challenge to get them all done in addition to my other orders, but I aim to please...SO...Andrew requested conversation hearts and Matthew didn't really care. I came up with the "Valentine, you are out of this world" idea because I really wanted to use my new rocket and UFO cookie cutters. I love, love, love the way the UFO turned out with the little Valentine alien. I am going to put very cute Valentine bag toppers on the individually bagged cookies, but my printer went kaput, so I had to send them to a printer to be picked up later today. Lots of work, but I enjoy it and it makes my boys happy. Andrew told me that it was pretty cool that I am the "cookie lady". He used to think I was cool because I was a lawyer with a pretty cool job. I'll settle for cool cookie lady and time with my boys any day. :)

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