Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mickey Mouse Cake

1200 cookies...

The principal at my kids' school is retiring, after 40 years. We are all so sad to see him go. We've only been at Redeemer Lutheran for a year, but it has been the biggest blessing for my family and my kids. It is the best school! Today's church service was all about celebrating Mr. Kieschnick, and his years of service. They had a huge barbecue lunch after church, and I was asked to provide the dessert. 1200 cookies! It was definitely an undertaking, but I was so honored to be asked to contribute to the celebration. I baked 300 cookies per day over 4 days, and it took 9 bakery boxes to hold them all. I was worried that they were going to get broken or smooshed in delivery, but they all looked great today and they tasted great too. Huge sigh of relief. Best wishes Mr. Kieschnick! We will miss you!


Monday, April 15, 2013

Fish Cake

I got an order for a cake for a fisherman the other day, and the client was pretty unspecific as to what she wanted. She just told me anything having to do with fishing. I seem to have gotten a little bit carried away, but I love this cake! The head is made from cake, and the tail is rice krispy treat. The little bobber is a cake ball dipped in red chocolate candy coating. The birthday guy loved it!

Laser Tag Cake

I don't know much about laser tag, so I had a hard time deciding what to do when I received this order. I think the cake was really great, though, and it turns out the birthday boy's favorite color is green. Happy accident!

Football Cake

I received an order from a client for an awesome cake...I love it when clients give me free reign and order tiered cakes. I love to do any kind of cake, but these are my favorite. They just feel so special, compared to a typical sheet cake. The football helmet was made from rice krispy treats, and was kind of a booger to make. I hand-painted it with food coloring, but next time, I think airbrushing will be a better option. I had a hard time getting an even finish with the food coloring, and it took forever to dry. Also, the face mask tried to sag a little bit on top. This was my first attempt at making a football helmet anyway, so I think it turned out really good, considering, and the client loved the cake. Everyone else loved it to, I guess, because I already have an order for an exact replica of this cake next month! 

Redeemer Lutheran School Gala

I was lucky enough to be asked to provide the desserts for this year's Redeemer Lutheran School Gala. The theme was "Boots, Blue Jeans, and Bling" so I decided to do western themed cookies and cake pops. It was a big task, because I had to make 250 of each, but I think they turned out great and everyone seemed to love them. The horse head cake pops are my favorite, I think.