Monday, April 15, 2013

Football Cake

I received an order from a client for an awesome cake...I love it when clients give me free reign and order tiered cakes. I love to do any kind of cake, but these are my favorite. They just feel so special, compared to a typical sheet cake. The football helmet was made from rice krispy treats, and was kind of a booger to make. I hand-painted it with food coloring, but next time, I think airbrushing will be a better option. I had a hard time getting an even finish with the food coloring, and it took forever to dry. Also, the face mask tried to sag a little bit on top. This was my first attempt at making a football helmet anyway, so I think it turned out really good, considering, and the client loved the cake. Everyone else loved it to, I guess, because I already have an order for an exact replica of this cake next month! 

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